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After my studies, I had the good fortune to land an onsite apprenticeship with one of the lead foremen who rebuilt the Grand Hotel after it was bombed by the IRA in 1984. He was a well-regarded and knowledgeable tutor. He opened my eyes to the old ways and taught me the sympathetic approaches to caring for an old property. He taught me to understand material science and building pathology, and how to release trapped moisture rather than lock it in.

After serving three years as a private soldier with the Royal Engineers. I left the Army in 2004 and set up my own company. 18 years later, I’m still carrying the torch passed to me by my Obi-Wan Kenobi.

I’m a building surveyor who specialises in damp buildings, identifying wood boring insects and all types of fungal decay that want to digest buildings. I’ve surveyed much of the property timeline from as old as 11th Century to modern day town houses. I’ve worked with English Heritage, National Trust and Historic England.

I can’t list the rest, we haven’t the time, but my clients call me ‘Dr Damp’, and I love my job a bit too much!

Here at SHDR we get to the root source of the problem. The problems you are seeing in your home are a symptom of an underlying issue, which our team is specially trained and qualified to detect. We use state of the art technology to give you the most accurate solutions to your problem, all of our prices start from £575+VAT.
We take great pride in our work and we are very proud of the relationship we have developed with new and existing customers.
Please do not undertake any spray treatments or damp proofing treatments in your home, as it may not be necessary. A visit from us could save you thousands. AARON WEST, Director @ SHDR

When issues occur with any property, it isn’t just the property that needs looking after, it is the owners and occupants as well.

When signs of damp, woodworm, or fungi show its face in any property, it’s especially worrying if you don’t know why it’s happening. It’s this unknown that encourages misinterpretation of the situation. And that creates understandable anxiety and wasted expense.

Over the years, we’ve helped and advised scores of property owners and tenants and given them logical solutions based on an honest appraisal of how to reverse damp and decay issues. What gets wet really does dry out.

We have bailed out homeowners from flooded properties and dealt with everything nature could throw at a structure, above and below ground. Simply understanding the warning signs and responding directly is the best remedy.

If you’re facing a damp issue, we’ll be the comforting voice of reason and will always have your best interests at heart and be backed up by science. We’ve been looking after buildings and their occupants for many years and will continue to do so because we know that our approach works.


Christopher Swallow
Aaron is the first person to give me real actionable, professional and unbiased advice on how to maintain and upgrade our period property. I now have the confidence to work with contractors in a more informed way.
Aaron is always there to give advice and help. I will be using him again!!
Marti Reading


Aaron took time to sort out our condensation problem and recommended we install a Nuaire Drimaster PIV System which is working exactly as it should. Our condensation has cleared up completely and no more damp patches or smells in the house. We cannot recommend this company highly enough. They go above and beyond for their customers.
Sophie Benton
Aaron has been absolutely brilliant from start to finish. He found the cause of a damp issue I’ve had with my flat for years and has provided some really straightforward solutions.