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RSK Environment Ltd – Materials & Structures Team

Specialist Engineering, Materials & Structural Consultants within the
RSK Group of Companies

RSK’s materials and structures team has been at the forefront of construction material condition assessment for over 30 years. During this time, we have gained unparalleled experience evaluating different types of structures, environmental exposure conditions and deterioration mechanisms.

Depending on your requirements and the characteristics of the assets involved, we can provide the following key services:

  • Full structural investigation of modern and historical structures, with associated building surveys, to reveal the detailed design principles and quality of past workmanship
  • Consultancy at the preconstruction design phase and of existing buildings to determine causes of failure and assess suitability for refurbishment works
  • On-site testing, including facade condition assessments, load testing, leak detection, pull-out testing, and covermeter surveys
  • Petrographic examination of various materials, including concrete, mortar, plaster, screed, aggregate, building stone, roofing slate and ceramic building material
  • Chemical analysis of construction materials including concrete, mortar, render/plaster, bricks and paint to establish a range of properties such as composition or the presence of deleterious materials
  • Physical and mechanical testing of concrete, mortar, render, natural and cast stone, roofing slates and tiles, including compressive strength of concrete, slip resistance and abrasion resistance of dimension stone
  • Deleterious materials surveys, including identification and evaluation of alkali-aggregate reactivity, chlorides, high alumina cement (HAC), reinforcement corrosion and sulfates in concrete and calcium silicate bricks

Our team includes specialists trained to investigate historic structures and construction materials, and we have completed projects at a number of Grade I, II* and II listed buildings and World Heritage Sites.

After 30 years of providing consultancy and testing services for stone and slate producers, traders, designers, contractors and building owners and investors, RSK has consolidated these services into a dedicated skills team. Our team can provide a comprehensive service on all aspects of the selection, use and performance of natural stone and slate products in the built environment. We cover essentially all forms of quarry products from around the world.

The dedicated team has a UKAS-accredited laboratory that provides investigative, type and CE marking approval testing in accordance with the full range of British and European standards. American and other in-house bespoke methods can also be provided

Our UKAS accredited laboratories can undertake basic testing; for example, strength testing of a stone sample, through to assisting with complex forensic examinations of materials for Expert witness cases and investigations

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